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Learn practical and useful Sales Knowledge, Techniques, Mindset and Selling Skills Training from E-book - allowing you to boost your sales 3 TIMES HIGHER!

Sales Techniques & Selling Skills Revealed - Salesmanship | Sales Training Ebook  - Uncover the secrets behind excellent sales performance. Reveal the art of selling that your competitors, top sales personnel, and even colleagues do not want to disclose.

Want to TRIPLE your sales in just ONE month? You are at the right place.
Correct mistakes made in selling and convert time and money wasted into hard cash. Learn practical and useful Sales Knowledge, Techniques, Mindset and Selling Skills and training from E-book, allowing you to
boost your sales 3 times higher!

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Reveal the art of selling that your competitors, top sales personnel, and even colleagues do not want to disclose.

The only E-book which reveals practical and useful Sales Knowledge, Techniques, Mindset and Selling Skills, enabling you to obtain excellent sales results!  Guaranteed


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How do you avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes that many salespeople are guilty of? Identify your prospects’ behaviors and make the necessary changes to your sales techniques. Are you aware of human behavior when meeting your prospects? Do you really know how to satisfy them when proposing your product or service to them? Refusing to acknowledge your responsibilities and roles is often the cause of job-hopping.In order to become more productive, one needs to know:

  • Are you sure you know what your competitor knows?

  • Are your skills and mindset compatible to the competitive market?

  • Do you realize your market share will get smaller day by day when you stop to learn and upgrade?

  • Why allow yourself to keep on suffering and struggling in doing sales and selling?

  • Are you aware of how much time and money you have wasted which could have instead become profit?

  • Do you abuse the trust placed in you by others?

  • Should ethics be important to a sales person and business entrepreneur?

  • Do you choose the ethical path or the immoral path?

Many salespeople are not mentally prepared and fully dedicated to their careers. They tend to pick up skills from their seniors and management, which may include mistakes as well. There are many instances whereby mistakes made by the management or managers are passed down from one generation to another in the form of a negative chain effect. Pessimistic mindsets and attitudes will affect the companies’ newcomers and influence them for life, indirectly influencing future generations of the sales team and sales person. According to research, one's mindset is a stronger factor influencing his sales performance than his selling skills. Of course, proper selling skills and techniques are basic requirements to good sales performance.

In order to become more productive & competitive, you must adopt a positive mindset and attitude. This will prolong your survival in the sales line and allow excellent performance in your sales career. Here are some questions to consider:

v     How to go about prospecting in the right manner?

v     How to propose sales?

v     How to convince your prospect to take up your recommendations and suggestions?

v     How to start the conversation?

v     How to explain the benefits to your prospect, in order to stimulate their buying urge to   grab your item and service?

v     How to detect your prospects’ desires and motives when they are looking at your product and services?

v     How to understand human behavior and stimulate the human buying motive?

v     How to take decipher your prospect’s body language and use it to your advantage?

v     How to hit the sales target easily in 3 months time and earn the handsome income you’ve always dreamed of?

v     How to stay positive & motivated in a negative environment with negative influences?

v     How to handle objections and multiple rejections?

v     How much do you know about sales techniques, as well as applying them at the right time?

v     How much do you know about basic selling skills, which enable you to compete with other players in the market?

v     What are the elements and basic skills that are critical to all greenhorns and new guys who just join the sales industries?

v     How to adjust your mindset to suits the sales career?

v     How to avoid silly and common mistake that costs you big time and money?

v     Why the people who have “No dreams” and who are unable to dream big in sales industries hardly make it?

v     Why sales people who are immoral in mindset can’t survive in the long run?

v     Why understanding your prospects’ characters and personality helps you close deals?

v     Why silly mistakes that are often made become costly?

v     Why human behavior is related to buying behavior?

v     Why there is no one fixed method that applies to all prospects?

v     What is the mindset and attitude you need to know and master that enables you to survive in the competitive market?

v     What are the elements you need to master in order to stay in the long run and perform well?

v     What are the factors and elements that influence your life in sales?


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Here  is absolutely for you if:

  You want to join and excel in the sales industry. Sales Techniques & Selling Skills  - Salesmanship | Sales training Revealed is the key to achieving marvelous sales results.
  You are selling ideas, concepts or anything under the sun. This e-book is especially useful for advertisers, businessmen and sales personnel.  Or You are a greenhorn in sales and have no knowledge about effective sales techniques.
  You are an experienced salesperson and have achieved excellent sales performance, but would still like to learn more useful and valuable techniques on selling.
  You want to break your sales bottleneck and achieve results that you would never have imagined
  Your boss is breathing down your neck because of poor sales performance.
  You want to earn more than you expected to
  Your boss or manager has very little time to monitor you in the initial stage in sales
  You have already suffered and struggled a lot in your sales career and performed badly
  You lost your self-esteem in front the new guy that performs better than you
  You can’t figure what had gone wrong that caused bad performance in sales?
  You worry how you will be able to generate sales in coming months and have better income
  You are not motivated at all to keep on generating sales
  Your methods learnt are unable to drive you to perform well
  You believe what you didn’t master really caused your losses
  You spend much more time than you expected and earn less than what you imagined
  You are lost and feel like finding an easier job

You want to learn the art of selling even though you are not in the sales industry. Remember! The Sales skills and selling techniques do not merely allow you to sell tangible products. You can apply these techniques to sell ideas, and even yourself, to superiors and potential employers!  Actually most people, at some point or another, have been involved in selling; only that sometimes they do not realize it. Do you want to help someone triple his sales performance in just one month by applying real-life sales techniques and skills practiced by professionals? Here is the site that will guarantee that. Tell your friend about us click here.

Are you wondering why others can be so successful in selling? Do you want to be the next in line to perform excellently in sales and earn much more than you had ever imagined? Now, you can do so with my E-book! I will show you sales knowledge; techniques, mindset and selling skills that are guaranteed to work effectively, with proven track records and testimonials. But before this, let me first define seven important elements that are required to become a top performer and winner in the sales industry

  • Knowing The Basic Rules In The Sales Industry
  • Understanding The Role That You Are Playing In The Sales Market
  • Possessing The Right Sales Mindset
  • Knowing The Behaviors And Thoughts Of Your Prospects
  • Emerging Above Your Rivals And Colleagues
  • All Geniuses Learn From The Basics
  • Why You Need To Dream And Dream Big
  • Why emotional intelligence and personal relationships has a deep impact on your business

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Knowing The Basic Rules In The Sales Industry

Selling is similar to playing a game. Every game has its own set of rules and regulations to ensure fairness amongst the players. Guidelines are also provided to prevent players from breaking the rules and playing unfairly. No matter which industry you are working in, there are rules to guide you in a fair and reasonable way. In order for you to perform well, you need to follow these rules. Anyone who is unclear of the rules of the selling game will definitely get eliminated by competitors. In selling, these are some golden rules to know and master, in order to stay competitive in the long run. The rules are:

  • Practice the proper sales knowledge, techniques, mindset, and skills

  • Never say no to constant learning and strengthening yourself in all aspects to stay competitive

  • Practice what you have learnt and perfect it.

Only this can help you become a big winner in the sales industry.

I believe you will agree with me that no one will win the game without knowing and following the rules. Very often, people who ignore the rules will face problems and be out of the game as a consequence. For instance, if you are a driver on the road, traffic rules and regulations serve as guidelines to protect the safety of the driver and passengers. However, if you choose not to follow these rules, the authorities may suspend your driving license. Furthermore, dangerous driving will endanger your safety, as well as the safety of passengers and pedestrians. 

Understanding the Role that you are playing In the Sales Market

Do you really know your role in selling? It is essential that you thoroughly understand your role and responsibilities involved, as well as the knowledge, mindset, and skills that are required to carry out your role effectively. For example, if your role is a detective, you will need sufficient skills, techniques, knowledge and the proper mindset to bring the criminal to justice. Believe me, if you disregard the role that you are playing in the sales industry, you may be taken advantage of by prospects requesting for unreasonable conditions in exchange for deals that waste a lot of your time and money. Sooner or later, you will find that you are unable to generate sufficient sales to cover your expenses, and may even end up job-hopping.

It is not uncommon to find salesmen selling several products simultaneously. However, these salesmen do not understand why they are not able to sell and diversify their time to sell for different companies for different products and services. When they encounter bad sales, they perceive their inability to sell due to a saturated market or they assume that everyone already owns the product. In fact, this is because these salesmen were not aware of their sales roles and the right sales concept, and focused on the wrong angles.

Possessing The Right Sales Mindset

One of the golden rules in selling is to have the right sales mindset. Without the proper sales mindset, possessing real-life sales techniques, skills and knowledge is not sufficient for you to do well in your sales career. It is important that you have the right mindset in addition to the sales techniques, skills and knowledge, so as to enable you to perform well in the long run.

So, what exactly is the right sales mindset? A salesperson with the right mindset is responsible to his job and is both mentally and physically prepared to deal with multiple rejections from prospects. With this way of thinking, one can easily obtain high sales results. Being ignorant of the right sales mindset and attitude will cause you to struggle in selling and get demoralized. You may make unnecessary and expensive mistakes that waste your resources, affecting your sales performance. Imagine planning to turn left at the road junction, but ending up turning right due to the inability to coordinate your hand and your mind. Eventually, your car may even collide with other vehicles at the junction. Learn how to apply your mindset in your actions; always stick to it to do your task well.

Knowing The Behaviors And Thoughts Of Your Prospects

Selling can also be compared to the relationship between the predator and the prey, as well as that between the detective and the criminal. How much does a predator know about the behaviors of its prey? The most terrible thing that can happen is that this ignorance may cause the predator to be tricked by its prey into becoming the bait for another predator. This may become the worst situation to happen in your daily life in sales industry. In fact, if you understand the behaviors of your prey, it will be easier for you to define your role as a predator, bringing your capability to a higher level. Know your weakness and strength it to get your prey prospect.

As a salesperson, do you really understand your prospects? If you totally ignore their thoughts and behaviors, it will be very difficult for you to formulate a strategy to deal with them, causing you to lose your track. Thus, you need to understand human behavior and the reasons for behaving in such a manner. In order to close a deal, you have to make some adjustments to your sales knowledge, skills, and techniques. You must also have the right mindset, attitude as well as a great understanding of your competitor. Knowing yourself and understanding your competitors' and prospects’ behaviors is an important factor in emerging as a winner in selling. For instance, the detective needs to have sufficient understanding of the criminal’s thoughts and motivations in order to obtain evidence against the criminal. The detective must also understand how and why the criminal behaves in such a manner so as to devise strategies and techniques for dealing with the criminal. Detectives who ignore the criminals' behaviors and thoughts will not be able to find evidence to crack the case. 

Without a strong understanding of the above three aspects prospecting, proposing and rejection handling, the closing stage will be a tedious and struggling. Many sales people are only too eager to master the closing stage that they overlook the other three aspects. This is an improper mindset in sales, as the other three stages are equally as important as the closing stage.

The understanding of body languages and human behaviors will assist and essential to a sales person, especially essential in closing a deal. Learning the body languages take time and experienced to go through. You may shorten the time by experiencing it and learning from someone who knows the tricks of body and eye movements.

Emerging Above Your Rivals And Colleagues

In today’s sales industry, many salespeople face tremendous challenges from their direct (rival companies) and indirect (sales colleagues) competitors. Since compatible products can be easily found in the sales market, many sales personnel are competing fiercely among themselves, in the hope of achieving a portion of the market share.

Therefore, in order to win your competitors, you need to strengthen the selling point of your product. It is essential for you to comprehensively research on your product. In addition, you need effective sales techniques and skills, as well as a positive mindset and attitude so as to remain focused and confident about your company and products. With these, you can earn high profits even if you are selling an incompatible product. Bear in mind that only the strongest will survive! Thus, it is essential that you have to be fully equipped with the right skills and knowledge in order to emerge above your rivals and colleagues.

All Geniuses Learn From The Basics

All excellence is accelerated from the basis. All skills need to grow from the proper basics. Without a good foundation for growth, the path will be painful and slow. What are the basics you need to look for? The skills and mindset you need to look for in order to make you grow steadily in the long run. The four basic skills are prospecting, proposing, and handling objection and rejection, and final closing.

Honestly ask yourself; do you really know what these are all about? Another important element is the need to learn the proper mindset. Does any company really look into ethics and morals in sales? From what I have learnt, the less ethical and moral you are, the less trust you will get. This will only lead to a dead end and will not be viable for the long run.

Why You Need To Dream And Dream Big

How to dream and dream big to make yourself desperately hunger to reach your targets, goals and dreams? With a desperate desire, salesmen can even make a dead fish swim. Without knowing how to dream and dream big, your sales targets will never reach your goals, not to mention, your dreams.

Only entrepreneurs who are ambitious will achieve excellence in business. The person who doesn’t have the urge to dream and dream big will never become excellent in sales. Without the dream, you will not be driven to move faster. Dreams are the fuel of a salesperson. Without the dream, motivation will stop and it will become a struggle to move.

So how do you stay motivated and focused on your dreams in a negative environment that constantly challenges your momentum?

This site provides you the secrets and the know-how. Knowing why and why you need it is critical, and the solution is right here for you.  How do you make and motivate a person who is not ambitious enough to be extremely ambitious and achieve a higher level?

This is possible as long as the person is determined to make a difference in life. Entrepreneurs in sales and business need to be ambitious, extremely desperate to succeed, full of desire, constantly hungering for a better income and better standard of living and constantly dreaming big. How do you trigger your ambitions and stimulate your desires? We have the solution for you.

Why Emotional Intelligence Is Crucial To Sales Entrepreneurs

There are a lot of experienced salespeople struggling in sales even though they have many years of experience in the sales industry. With their skills and experience, landing themselves some prey is no problem at all. Yet they still struggle and suffer a lot.

There are many sales people who have learnt all aspects of sales. Nevertheless they ignore and neglect the critical factors of emotional intelligence and personal relationships with people. Those who are weak in their relationships with people need to look into improving themselves if they wish to compete with those who are very good at personal relationships with people. 

In this competitive market, merely knowing what you have to know is insufficient. Combining what you know and who you know will make a huge difference. Without being able to handle and build good relationships with people, gaining their trust and confidence, your skills will unlikely be sufficient for you to sustain in the long run. You will not be able to compare with a person who has a combination of both skills. Communication and emotional intelligence is critical, and is one of the major success factors of entrepreneurs in sales and business.

Being a salesperson or business person, is a very interesting job because you can meet diverse people in different environments. You also have to deal with various requests from differences prospects. However, you will face difficulties if you do not know the rules played, do not have the skills and mindset, have not identified the role that you are playing and the behaviors and thoughts of your prospects. Knowledge of all the above is necessary to ensure good sales.

The less you know, the more likely you are to:-


1.       Close very little or no sales at all

2.   Get multiple rejections from prospects, causing you to feel demoralized and pessimistic

3.   Waste time and money due to a lack of sales skills and an uncompetitive mindset

4.   Fear Mondays, as you no longer feel confident or motivated to sell your products

5.   Accumulate stress that eventually results in a mental breakdown

6.   Search for a new sales job. In fact, there is no job involving easy-selling products. Every salesperson is required to have some sales knowledge and skills in order to persuade his prospects to buy his products. The only easy sales job is to simply display the products on the shelf, allowing prospects to choose for themselves. Such jobs usually do not require much selling skills and the salesperson normally earns very little income from selling such products

7.    Have poor time management.

8.    Feel miserable when doing sales, struggling to have consistent sales results

9.    Lose interest in sales and end up with multiple part-time jobs

10.  Be recruited into your prospects' MLM businesses, becoming the bait for their businesses instead

11.  Be demoralized at all times in a negative environment with all the negative  influences

12.  Get disinterested in sales and start to look for something else that does not pose challenges, but provides a stable income by doing the same routine everyday.

13.  Be unable to stay competitive in long run before the crisis approaches

14.  Blindly stay in the sales line without knowing why you are there

15.  Lose a lot time and money for all the mistakes that you made which you are not aware of

16.  Risk getting fired due to non-performance

17.  Receive criticism about your ability and performance in the sales industries

18.  Do unnecessary double work to get the same results which others got with half the work

19. See your competitors cover more market share than you expected

20. Get pressured by your boss for better results that constantly stresses you and makes you fear that you will not be able to make it


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Are you experiencing more than one of the factors mentioned above? Do something to change your life! If you are not going to change it, no one can help you. If you really want to put a stop to the sufferings and struggles you have faced in selling, you should try my guaranteed solution.

You are now given a chance! With my E-BOOK format, you can now learn the right and real practices of sales knowledge, techniques, mindset and skills before putting them into application. It will help you excel in selling and solve the problems faced in your sales career. Instead of searching for an easy-selling product, get this e-book to learn the right sales practices and achieve amazing sales performance!  There are no easy-sell products or services that will be easy to sell physically if your selling skills and mindset are not compatible to the competitive market.

The software, which I have compiled from the e-book will teach you the right sales mindset and practical selling skills and techniques so as to make your selling easier. No boring and difficult words to bore you. The content is taken from real life experiences, real people and really practical methods that suit this century, guaranteed.

Without having to do any guesswork, this book is as easy to understand as ABC. Most books out there teach you the know-how, but fail to explain the “why” behind it. Otherwise, it’s the other way round. They teach you a lot about “why” but then fail to teach enough know-how. This is why many people do not apply their skills after reading such books because they are not convinced that it will work in real life.

So why learn from other novices or books that don’t really sharpen your skills and motivate you to apply them in real life? We guarantee that you will achieve higher sales after this! 

What is this e-Book about? 

"Sales Techniques & Selling Skills Revealed" Salesmanship | Sales Training Ebook - Art and secrets of selling which your competitors, top sales personnel, and even colleagues want to safeguard, for fear that others will snatch away their portions of the limited market share. 

"Sales Techniques & Selling Skills Revealed" Salesmanship | Sales Training E book is a compilation of selling techniques and skills adopted by top sales professionals. These techniques, skills and principles are not available in the market as they are real-life experiences of sales personnel who have gone through the hardship of trial and error before achieving success. You can only get these from my e-book, Sales Techniques & Selling Skills Revealed - Salesmanship | Sales Training Ebook .  Learn from it, understand it and be motivated to apply it in your real life.

My ebook allows you to easily understand and learn from it regardless of your educational background. It will reveal not only the know-how, but the “why” too. The book will motivate you to apply the knowledge and skills in real life. You won’t get the same kind of benefits elsewhere in any other book that allows you to be driven and motivated without any reserve.

I started writing this book seven years ago when I realized the importance of possessing valuable sales knowledge and skills to be successful in the sales industry. With this strong belief in mind, I started to put in writing all the sales knowledge and skills that I have learnt, so as to share this knowledge with others in the industry, both novice and experienced sales personnel. I have provided them with the most effective sales techniques and principles that are applicable to all industries. It did not matter that they did not contribute to my book; all they had to do was to provide me with feedback on the effectiveness of my sales techniques and selling skills. Eventually, the feedback was so positive that orders for my book started pouring in, even before I have completed it! To fulfill my prospects' requests, I also started conducting sales workshops. 

All my students as well as those who own my e-book have benefited greatly from learning these sales techniques and selling skills. With these techniques, I have also topped the sales chart in a renovation company that I joined after quitting my last job as a sales executive for household appliances. In my new job, my monthly sales performance was far higher compared to those of my fellow colleagues and competitors. These tested and proven selling techniques and skills can definitely make a difference to your sales performance too! 

Click here to read the testimonials of people who have benefited after using my e-book or attended my sales workshops. All those who have read my Ebook have benefited greatly!

During my 13 years in the sales industry, I became acquainted with people, aged between 26 to 59 years, working in sales positions of various industries. These industries include property, insurance, direct sales, network marketing, corporate sales, etc. Their sales experiences ranged from 5 to 25 years and they were doing very well in their sales jobs, earning rather comfortable incomes. During these years, I have picked up various sales and selling techniques, skills, mindset, attitude, and principles from them. It was only after putting this knowledge into practice that enabled me to survive from my bumpy sales career for a long run 13 years.   Click here to view my traumatic sales experience.      

In the Initial few years in the sales line, I was really suffering in sales and selling. I had experienced all the difficulties that I highlighted earlier in this book. From lacking competitive sales skills, messing up my sales pitches, job-hopping dues to poor results, failing to satisfy my boss etc. Eventually I found the way out by sacrificing some freebies, lowering my ego, providing people with more favors, discussing ideas and motivating myself to learn whatever I could, not only to survive, but to create a miracle track record! I managed to get a result that was 5 times better than all my colleagues! Some were jealous, some admired and some were shocked with mouths wide in disbelief.

I am always looking out for people who perform better than me in sales as I hope to learn from them. Nevertheless, it is still a cold, hard fact that not many are generous enough to share their experiences for free. Let's be honest. Human beings are selfish. Even the top salespeople will not disclose their sales tactics to peers who are selling the same products in the same company or industry. They will only leak some tips, leaving the rest for you to figure out, or disclose irrelevant information, which may mislead you and waste your time.

Why? The answer is very simple. Nobody is stupid enough to create a top salesperson to compete with him or her for a slice of the limited market pie, especially in small markets like Singapore. Even though most corporate sales trainings are conducted by the firm's most experienced salesperson, this person (who is considered your mentor) will only give you a pointer or two, leaving you to move the rest of your way through like a blind mouse. Salespeople would only teach you their hard-earned experiences if they get to share your profits and this is called overriding commission! This is the usual practice in network marketing and direct sales companies.

Teamwork and team spirit are practically non-existent within the sales team as everyone is fighting for a slice of the limited market share. If there is no overriding commission promised to your seniors and mentors, it is almost certain that they will not be concerned about your performance and will not waste time going out of the way to help you. Think about it; does a manager have time to be concerned for each individual in his sales team while having to perform his own sales and trying to retain his position as a manager?

Click Here to take a look at the facts that have taken place in other companies. 

There are many ways to learn all aspects of sales skills and the sales industry, but they are often very costly and require a lot of time. Unlike others who spend a bomb attending seminars and overseas courses, I learnt my selling skills through personal reading and assistance from helpful friends in the sales line (usually with small favors or treats in return). Whether the knowledge I picked up was from real life experiences or from seminars/courses, I never failed to practice them conscientiously. I managed to get a closure rate of about 60-80%! Of course, do beware of some seminars which teach you only very general content, which results in a waste of your time and money. You would be lucky to be able to sift out the important points and techniques of selling.

Human beings are complex creatures who react differently to various stimulants because of their differences in background, education level, living standard, age, and personality. All these differences make selling a big headache! There is no single method that can suit different circumstances, people or products. However, fear not! In my e-book Sales Techniques & Selling Skills - Salesmanship | Sales Training Ebook Revealed, you can find the answers to all your sales doubts and queries. You don't have to search for years or spend large amount of money searching for answers because we have the guaranteed solutions available at your fingertip. You may like to consider this as a form of sales training, refreshment or enhancement course. Whatever it is, you will not regret knowing what you are going to find out! 

Many Reasons Why You Should Have My E-Book

  • You will achieve better sales performance in the shortest possible time and will also close sales more effectively.

  • Your earnings will shoot up faster than ever! It may even become tripled or quintupled if you have been producing insignificant results or are new in the sales industry.

  • You can save money searching for effective sales knowledge and skills with my solutions that have never been disclosed in the sales market.

  • You can save years of effort from reading thick piles of notes and going through trial and error for the right answers.

  • You want to enjoy the benefits of proven sales techniques and selling skills for life.

  • You want your competitors, colleagues and superiors to see you in a different light due to your impressive sales results.

  • You want to ask others for their secrets to success but don't want others to ask you for your secret.

  • You can enjoy more time with your family due to faster closure of sales.

  • You want to improve your standard of living in the shortest possible time. e.g.: Your dream house or a higher income.

  • You want to learn effective selling techniques and skills instantly without going through the hardship.

  • You prefer reading easy-to-understand and interesting books such as "Sales Techniques & Selling Skills Revealed - Salesmanship | Sales Training E book".

  • You want to get the free bonus e-book, "Boosting Your Enthusiasm in Sales", as well as free updates on case studies to enhance and refresh your sales skills.

  • You can save all the cost of time and money that will at least cost you to pay for the lesson in mistake.

Without a doubt, my e-book is a value-for-money purchase. It may, however, be priced higher than other self-improvement books in the market. But why should you buy my e-book? That's because you don't need to put down your esteem and pride getting misleading information from top salespeople. In addition, the knowledge learnt from my e-book will also save you years of your valuable time, as well as thousand of dollars spent on searching for the solutions. Plus, we can give you FREE updates at no extra cost! We are more than willing to add more sales techniques and selling skills to your knowledge as time goes by. I shall ensure that my e-book "Sales Techniques & Selling Skills Revealed - Salesmanship | Sales Training Ebook" has more value-added knowledge for you to keep and learn. It's definitely worth much more than the little investment you put in.

Here is your chance to explore the advantages of my e-book. If you strongly feel that my e-book is worth a million times more than what you have invested, come back and see even better results on your skills and techniques. We would also like you to refer your friends. Do convince them that this amount of money is worth spending, as this is the only sales e-book that can provide you with all the genuine sales techniques and selling skills proven by experienced sales personnel. There is a lifetime guarantee of free updated versions of the e-book. Don't fall into the catch of low-priced books and courses! They can never satisfy your desire for quality sales knowledge, skills and techniques.

What is the difference between Sales Techniques & Selling Skills Revealed  - The Salesmanship | Sales Training Ebook and other Sales books, e books, or sales training programs?

The differences are listed as follows:

1.    This e-book that I have compiled is based on the common problems faced by sales people. Being in the sales industry for years, I have experienced and seen various problems, which have resulted in plenty of job-hopping. Although there are many sales training programs, such negative incidents still occur in the market. Most of the sales books are not catered to solving problems and do not include the right sales mindset, causing salesmen to go around in circles trying to find the solutions. I have mentioned that whatever you are dealing with, you should know the person's behavior and subscriber mental philosophy. We are definitely not here to criticize other programs. This e-book caters to real-life practices of skills and techniques that include the necessary restructuring of the mindset and attitude. We know the thinking and mental philosophies of salespeople and, therefore we are able to provide the solutions in this e-book. In fact, many skills and techniques can be easily mastered. It all depends on your mindset and attitude. There are still a lot of salespeople job-hopping and seeking easy-selling products, when they should have worked on their sales techniques, skills, mindset and attitude. Nevertheless, easy-selling products do not exist in the sales industry. The only easy-selling products are the products placed on the shelves for customers to pick, and in such a situation, selling skills are not needed. Many salespeople are still drowning in their own philosophies, being unaware of their required roles for their sales jobs. Their incorrect mindsets and lack of selling skills have caused them to suffer in their sales career. So, are you still looking for easy-selling products? Still planning to job-hop? Or suffering from doing sales?

2.   We know the difficulties that salespeople face when doing sales. We know the root cause of this illness. We know how to reduce the suffering and we even know how to stop this suffering permanently. How do we know all these? As we (my group of sales buddies and myself) have gone through tough experiences from selling, we have learnt from countless mistakes made in the past. Hence, this has enabled us to come up with the solutions.

3.   This e-book was written in an easy-to-understand format. It was not compiled like a lawyer's letter or a school textbook, which would have made it stiff and boring. There is not much vocabulary that would require you to search the dictionary for its meaning.

4.   We will give you a 90-day money back guarantee for this e-book. Trust us, you will not be at the losing end in any case. If you are not satisfied with my e-book, simply return it to me within 90 days and I will refund you the money. There is absolutely no loss on your side, so go ahead to purchase it! You will be the judge.

5.   We will update the e-book with new techniques and skills, including what type of negative mindsets to avoid in sales. More information will be included in the new versions of the e-book. You will only have to pay once, no matter whether you purchase a single copy or in bulk. Therefore, you will always get the latest version of the e-book, guaranteed at no extra charge!

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Dickson Bruce.--  U.S

Direct sales & MLM (consuming product)

I was doubtful initially when I first heard about Kelvin course from some friends  in network marketing. But when I saw their cheques doubling after attending the course, I knew I had missed a golden opportunity. Without second thoughts, I attended the class and realized how much I missed. I lost so many deals that I would have been able to close if I had learnt these techniques earlier.  Now I know where to look for customers and always keep my prospect list available. In the past, I could only close 1 or 2 deals out of every 12 prospects I meet. And now? For every 20 prospects I met, I close between 12 to 15 deals!!!!

Adeline - Network marketer

Health supplements and slimming product  

I don't work on weekends now. Ever since I started putting into actions all the selling skills and techniques I had learnt from Kelvin, I found that I am able to spend more time with my family.  It worth paying the one-time fee for the course, and yet be able to use the skills over and over again.  The techniques taught are applicable to all products, services, and circumstances. I can soon afford my first brand new car when I hit my sales quota. 

Edwin Insurance agent  

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Of course it can, I assure you! As long as you follow the principles, you’ll soon discover that you have an endless list of prospects. Stop wasting your time in approaching the wrong prospects.

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  • 3 Categories of Sales People

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  • Boosting Your Enthusiasm in Sales

  • Prospect Character and Personality Analysis

  • Avoiding the 22 Unnecessary Common Mistakes

  • Network Marketing Survival Tips - How to stay on MLM ( Multi Level Marketing )

  • READ THE INDICATIVE SIGNS TO WIN THE GAME – spot their body language that telling the true. How eye movement body language can betray them reveal the true to you.

  • ACE UP YOUR SLEEVE – Efficiently organizing the contacts you have

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Sales Techniques & Selling Skills Revealed - Salesmanship | Sales Training Ebook

Sales Techniques & Selling Skills Revealed - Salesmanship ebook

You will get the extra bonuses chapters.

  • 3 Categories of Sales People

  • Self-Management Hints and Tips

  • Boosting Your Enthusiasm in Sales

  • Prospect Character and Personality Analysis

  • Avoiding the 22 Unnecessary Common Mistakes

  • Network Marketing Survival Tips - How to stay on MLM ( Multi Level Marketing )

  • READ THE INDICATIVE SIGNS TO WIN THE GAME – spot their body language that telling the true. How eye movement body language can betray them reveal the true to you.

  • ACE UP YOUR SLEEVE – Efficiently organizing the contacts you have

Our ebook only available for Windows platform (Win98/2000/XP)

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You will get the extra bonuses chapters.

  • 3 Categories of Sales People

  • Self-Management Hints and Tips

  • Boosting Your Enthusiasm in Sales

  • Prospect Character and Personality Analysis

  • Avoiding the 22 Unnecessary Common Mistakes

  • Network Marketing Survival Tips - How to stay on MLM ( Multi Level Marketing )

  • READ THE INDICATIVE SIGNS TO WIN THE GAME – spot their body language that telling the true. How eye movement body language can betray them reveal the true to you.

  • ACE UP YOUR SLEEVE – Efficiently organizing the contacts you have

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Well, you can also learn how to generate the drive and willpower to achieve any of your goals in life. Strive towards those dreams that you thought could never come true. No more failures and you no longer have to give up your dreams. If you have always wanted to be outstanding, you have to learn the mindset and behaviors of those achievers, who possess a much stronger drive, determination, willpower and motivation in comparison to everyone else. Once you know the proper mindset to adopt and how to generate the drive and willpower, you will be able to motivate yourself. Learn how to self-motivate until your goals are achieved.

Setting goals and objectives are only the beginning. It does not mean that once you have set the goals, you will be able to achieve them. If you are not able to overcome the challenges in the process, you will not be able to endure to the end of the race. As such, possessing the drive and willpower is essential. Once you have set your goals and take action to work towards them, you would be confronted with all sorts of massive obstacles. Therefore, you have to keep yourself motivated in order to achieve your final objectives. Without that drive and willpower, it would be almost impossible for you to achieve your goals.

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There is something for everyone in this great e-book. Whether you are the business owner is in service industries, retail business, a sales manager or even a sales assistant, there are fantastic resources and tips for you in this ebook! Whatever type of business you are running be sure there is something useful for you. From the basics of communications to different customer profiles, this book has a wealth of knowledge, waiting for you to reap it! 

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